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    thanks all !!

    it seems you have all solved my problem !


    I had scaled my video in order to crop out an already edited in "footer logo"

    so seeing all the info on resizing and scaling, I removed the "crop" filter from my timeline and immediately noticed the lines getting "better"

    I can now at the least, output the file as it was imported.. with tiny interlace lines.. this will work for now.. as the lines are in the original file our client handed over to us..

    it is not our promise to improve the appearance, so I should not have to worry about removing all the interlacing..

    BUT.. I do think I found a way to do that too..

    I was going to import the original files into after effects, and deinterlace it in that program.. by duplicating the footage and setting one of them to use upper fields first, and the copy of the file to use lower fields..

    then I would lower the opacity of the upper layer, and the output file would be deinterlaced...

    then I would have imported that into premiere so I can edit it or use it along with my already edited in edits...

    too much work either way..

    I will keep at this, maybe there are even more solutions..

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    Probably problem in the software?..

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    There is nothing wrong with the software at all!

    Purely the fact that when you crop an interlaced video the number of horizontal lines are changed and you will get the bad effect.

    In any software the simple rule is deinterlace the video before you play around with pan and crop tools. Just think that if interlacing lines are present in a piece of video and you zoom the video by say 50% you also zoom the interlacing lines!!! and make the effect worse.


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    Very well put Chris
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    Believe me was just that I also had the same problem and just couldn't figure out why my interlaced video had interlaced lines showing on a TV!!!
    I normally shoot interlaced, drop the footage into the editor and then render it out as interlaced so this had me stratching my head for a while!!!

    While we are on the subject, if you are submitting video to YouTube etc etc you will get a quicker and better result if you render your clip in progressive mode with square pixels ...that way there is no interlacing applied to the clip and the pixel aspect ratio is kept 1:1 so you get no image stretching either!!! I see so many online clips with interlaced lines in them...the latest was a professional wedding site!!!


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    Thanks for the tip Chris, had to post that one on my site as well.
    With a link to this one of course
    2 x Dual Core Xeon 3.0, Premiere Elements 1 - 7, Premiere Pro CS3, After Effects CS3, Soundbooth, Heroglyph, Vitascene, EncoreDVD

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