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    Best video camera to buy for movement analysis

    Hi all,

    I need advise on what camera to buy for shooting athletes to study movement analysis ie. runners to improve and or correct their form.

    I filmed events up until 10 years ago with a standard VCR and want to start again. The camera world has changed alot since then.


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    Hi Andy

    For analysis a high speed camera is the answer...depending on your budget that can go up to amazing frame rates to allow in-depth analysis.

    You can, of course, just shoot with an ordinary digital camera but at 30 frames per second you won't get an awful lot of frame by frame detail.

    It far better to use a high speed camera and then run the footage at normal frame rates so you can get a super slow-mo and be able to inspect the athlete's moves over fractions of a second.

    Just google high speed cameras!!



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