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    Photoshop & RAW formats

    Hello everyone!!! I got stock with my Photoshop 7.0 version. Can't open CR2 format. Error message reads"Format is not valid" Any ideas???? Thanks.

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    Hey there. Photoshop 7.0 cannot handle RAW files. I am not even sure if there are any plugins available for it... You'll need at least a Photoshop CS to open it without any plugins... The cheaper alternative is Adobe lightroom. Although it is not an image manipulation program, you can do substantial editing on it and export it to Photoshop?
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    photoshop elements 7 can open them if you don't want to spring for the full CS ver, just open as you would do normaly.
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    Hi Guys

    I actually use SilkyPiX Studio 3.0 which is designed to handle RAW format and does a rather good job too if you want an alternative. I had to find something other than Adobe as I've never been a real fan of the software


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    above all sure works..for you..


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    Photoshop RAW formats

    I am trying to load RAW NEF pictures from my D90 into Photoshop Elements 7. I continue to get an error message that file type is not supported. I am following the steps outlined in the april issue of Popular Photography but cannot seem to ever get the photos to even transfer. Can anyone help?


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