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    Export Problems with Premiere Pro CS4

    Hi everyone - I'm new to this forum and thought I wouuld try to find a solution to a perisitent problem I'm having with Premiere Pro CS4.

    I have been exporting WMV clips into FLV format and the results are jittery. I have tried increasing the bitrate from the default 1500 up to as much as 4500, and it has some positive effect, but not eliminated the problem in its entirety. My frame rate is set to same as source and my preset is NTSC to Flash (version 7 or higher).

    No matter how I play around with the settings, I'm still getting ocassional jittery frames (looks kind of epileptic) and I'm at my wits end!

    Any suggestions - and is anyone else having this problem as well?

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    Hi Dragonfly,
    Why are you starting with WMV? The conversion is most definitely going to cause some problems as the WMVs are highly compressed already. Then the conversion compresses them even more, that can cause all kinds of problems.

    Also, are you using all default settings for the FLVs or are you making changes?
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