I use javascript to play remote flv videos on my site.
But I tried to play videos from youjizz(dot)com using flowplayer and also jw player.
The videos are accessable and they are playing fine in FF but if I want to watch them in IE or Opera the player can not reach them.
Here is and example:
Th 1st video is playing in all browsers(from ceknito(dot)sk):
But the video from youjizz is playing only in FF, try(from youjizz(dot)com):
Jw player:
I used javascript and also insetred it as embed video.

All other videos are playing fine in all browser except the videos from youjizz which play only in Firefox.

What is wrong?
If I enter the url of the video directly it plays.
I am solving it long time so I hope you will help me.
Thank you.

excause me if I write it in wrong section