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    squiggly line on burnt dvd?

    I have a quick question for you, why does my footage has squiggly lines in once burned to DVD? It doesn't matter if im using premiere after effects of final cut. It looks perfect on the computer screen but once burned onto dvd, it looks crap!! This leads me to think im possibly doing something wrong with encore.

    Has anybody came across this?


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    Hi Wayne

    Can you elaborate a bit on the squiggly line bit?? Have you watched the DVD on a TV and the computer??? You might be just looking at interlacing lines that will show on the computer but not on the TV

    If if also does it on the computer, post a screen grab so we can get a better idea of the problem


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    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Yeah its perfect on the computer monitor. I only see the lines on the TV. I have attached a screeenshot though which was simulated in photoshop to give you a better idea whats going on.

    Thanks Chris!
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    Hi Wayne

    Looks almost like a speed blur!!! Everything looks out of focus.
    Quick question??
    If it doesn't show up on the computer but shows on the TV then more than likely the video was rendered with interlacing turned off.

    Any video shown on TV needs to be interlaced otherwise the TV cannot determine which lines to scan. I suspect that's your problem. I don't use Adobe so I can't help on the software side but I'm sure that Chuck will be able to help you when he comes on next


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    Hi Chris,

    Do you know how to interlace in Final cut pro??

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    Hi wayne

    Sorry I only use Vegas but I'm sure thare are tons of FCP users on here that will help you out.

    C'mon guys please give Wayne a hand on this problem!!


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    Hi Wayne,

    Here is an article I found on interlacing, may help:

    Hows things going Chris, have you got that new steadicam yet?


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    Hi Tom

    Thanks for that and nice to hear from you.
    The stedicam arrived on Monday lunchtime actually. It's been put together and looks good. I just finished doing the modifications to the gimbal post and the factory supply it fixed and it is supposed to spin!! I luckily found some bearings to do the job from our local hobby shop!! The LCD arrived on Tuesday and is mounted and I waiting patiently for the Li-Ion battery back from HongKong to complete the puzzle.

    Once that's done I'll go flying!!! Being Winter I only have a wedding on 27th June so I have time to tune it up in between the rain that has at last arrived!


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    same issue

    Hi gang, I just joined to get some advice from you all

    I am having the same issues, I think..


    I was given a DVD, and told to edit the videos..

    I can tell they were shot using interlacing, as simply watching the original files in WMP, I can see the interlaced lines.. they mostly form around the edges of objects when motion is involved..

    but when I load them up in Premiere CS4, I get majorly squiggly lines in place of the interlaced lines.. & neither are wanted..

    once I was able to burn a file to DVD (it played with the waves and all on my PC),
    and that seemed to get rid of the waves.. but I cannot remember exactly how I did it..

    anyone familiar with this issue ?

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    Hi Yung

    I had a DVD I compiled in Vegas 7 with the exact same problem. They were MPEG2 files rendered normally but for some reason Vegas 7 didn't have a standard preset for DVD PAL Widescreen so I used the 4:3 preset and changed the aspect to 16:9 If the subject is almost still, then the lines do not appear ..only when they move!!!!

    Rendering the clip in 4:3 is perfect without any problems!!!

    Very strange and I'm attempting to see if anyone can accurately determine if this is indeed an interlacing problem or maybe a field order problem!!!

    UPDATE: Here is the answer !!!

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