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    No worries pal... like Chris said, we still belong to the El Cheapo gang in one way or another.

    Teaser for a book? Do that and put it up on Youtube or something yeah?

    Looking forward to seeing something from you!
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    Haha - I guess we do :-) but some are cheaper than others :-)

    I'm getting in touch with the author, and also with the project's creative director, basically the guy who owns the company that's helping us with all the equipment etc, so that I can a) see if she wants one, and b) if I can borrow the camera for a day or two.

    I'll let you know how I get on anyway.


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    I'm not involved in camera work but I do work with cameramen. What I have noticed is that they don't wear the vest all the time and the camera is only mounted when it's time to shoot. The last thing a cameraman wants is an injury and cannot do his job the following day or on the next big project. However, if this type of work is dangerous, hazardous pay is an extra compensation. Safety is an issue and it always will be because it will complicate many things.

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    Hi Gustin

    Welcome to the video forum.

    I think you might be getting with stedicams and shoulder mount cams. I never wear my vest unless I'm about to shoot. When I'm finished I take it off!! The vests probably weigh a good few kilograms so it's not exactly the sort of thing you want to wear unless the rig is connected to it.

    I have always, however, used shoulder-mount cameras as I prefer the stability for handheld shots. You, of course, can use a handheld and fix it to a shoulder frame if you want extra stability. In fact some of the new frames are really good as the front section allows you to pan and tilt very smoothly on a bearing system so you almost get a tripod that's on your shoulder!!


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