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    Sixty Three Seconds

    A few months ago I had posted some threads asking for some help in my movie, and I thank everybody that helped me with everything. This is the link to the movie that I made with a couple of friends, nothing serious, just something we shot together for fun, I would appreciate it if you give it a look and give me some feedback, thank you.

    Since the movie is over 1 GB and over 25 minutes in length, I couldn't post in on youtube, so I had to use as a place of storage. If you would like to watch the movie, click on this link and download the file.

    Thank you in advance

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    I don't think that too many people will want to download a 1gb movie so why not make it into an FLV video so it's a reasonable length or make a "hilights" version ...sorta like a trailer??? Otherwise render the whole movie in WMV format 640x480 at about 512K and it will then be a "downloadable" size for us to watch and comment


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    Before I go ahead and download it - what is it about? Don't really want to download it and find it's something I'm totally not interested in lol.


    EDIT: Downloading it anyway now :-) I'm an impatient sod lol - just got to the 50% mark :-)

    EDIT 2: Just finished downloading - will post back with a small 'review'
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    OK my little things:

    00:25 - perhaps a little too dark

    01:30 - absolutely loads of bass - I have mine set to very high anyway, but that was so rumbling my mum thought there was an earthquake!

    03:45 (I think) - if someone doesn't have an iPhone, they may not know that someone is calling the subject.

    03:51 - nothing seems to be sharp focused, so not clear as what is the main subject.

    ~05:00 - liked the use of the reflection - nice and in-focus there :-)

    09:47 - very nice with the shades lol

    12:37 - Very out of focus

    13:05 - Good choice of music :-)

    13:38 - Audio transition doesn't quite flow for me

    14:58 - Nicely done again

    15:33 - Great timing

    ~17:00 too much repetition for me

    ~19:00 Love all of that - great the way you built it all up :-)

    22:44 - Again the audio transition is an issue for me

    24:xx - Nice ending

    I loved the way it was put together, and the way it 'all came together'. Very nicely done - good range of music as well.

    You should try and get this on TV - very good work IMO.


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    At me the same problem... Т_Т


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