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    Exporting .PSD animated file


    I have created one test animation in Photoshop Image Ready with multiple layers and frames. I can see image moving in action and every thing is fine.

    Now I want to save this image as .GIF so I may upload this to website as animated banner. By Adobe Photoshop I tried to save it by "Save for web" and "Save As .GIF" but banner is saving but animation is not working. However animation only works in "Adobe Photopshop Image Ready".

    Please help me how to save one animated .PSD file as .GIF that is working fine as animated in "Adobe Photopshop Image Ready".

    Thank you


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    If you send me the PSD file I'll have a play around for you - as far as I know it should just be the option you said. I'll try a few other options for you and 'report back'.



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