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    Career advice needed

    Hi everyone. I've asked a similar question a while ago, but now am a little more focussed - so reasking. For some time now I've been contemplating a move out of the software industry into the Film/TV industry. My feelings pull me toward documentary filmmaking but seeing as moving into directing is a long haul and I still need to pay the bills in the mean time, do you think attempting to gain a skill in another field, for me I think that'd be freelance cameraman, is a good place to head?

    My thinking is that it will give me experience with equipment, experience in the industry as a whole, working with people etc and also give me contacts for the future. Of course not knowing anyone in the industry at the moment means I have no well of knowledge to draw from for advice.

    So I guess I can summarise by saying

    - Is skills as cameraman good in preparation for a move into directing in the long term?

    - Is it a realistic goal or is the industry so closed that I will have no luck?

    - If realistic, what's the best way? Volunteer when I do have spare time - is weekend only volunteering really practical for people wanting help?

    Any advice thoroughly appreciated.


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    You can't go wrong gaining skills as a camera operator. IMO it's the best all-round skill you can have in your field, as it gives you a big insight into lots of different aspects of the industry.

    And certainly, if you want to be a good director you need to understand what it's like to operate a camera.

    It's not that hard finding work as a camera op if you can get a foot in the door. As you'd expect though, that first step is the hardest. Only being available in the weekends will definitely make things a bit harder, but in the past I've found that most TV channels are open to work experience offers. If you contact them and tell them you're willing to work for free then someone will probably let you in.

    I do know one channel in Auckland that might be able to help but you may not be interested for ideological reasons. It's the TAB's Trackside Channel which covers racing and sports. Given your (admirable) stance on animal rights I don't suppose you'd be keen to work for a channel which covers horses races??

    BTW, one of these days when I get a bit of time I'll drop in on your forum and post a message. It looks like it's going okay and your site is certainly looking great.
    Dave Owen

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    Thanks for all the info Dave, much appreciated. Yeah I realise that at some point I might have to volunteer more fully to really get somewhere, and I'm also looking into those options. Basically looking into trying to move my current job into part time (software developer) which will give me enough cash to pay the bills and also free up time to pursue what I really want to do.

    Thanks a WHOLE heap for the offer and I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but as you guessed, I'd prefer not to work in the horse racing fields.

    Thanks for the comment on the site too. Being animal rights based, it's definately narrowly focussed and media animal rights is even narrower - hence the few people/posts currently there. I've trimmed the forums down too, from about 10 to about 6 - much cleaner now

    Cheers again

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    and when you give up that job, please send them my resume. I know there are thousands of red blooded American degreed developers who will fall all over themselves to be able to interview for your position....


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