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    I just wanted to say that your site is "FANTASTIC" !!!

    I just wanted to say that I enjoy coming to your site and how much the influence of the information you provide encourages myself to continue my creative audio/visual outlook/output on life. It brings me great joy to see how much information is available (from your site) and how much time and effort Media College reintroduces perspectives into its program. Bottomline: I enjoy peeking around and getting reviews as well as helpful insight for the future. P.S. I'll probably be making a donation down the road. [ Much appreciation, Mario ]

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    Thanls heaps for your comments. It's always good for morale when we hear this sort of thing
    Dave Owen

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    Sure is Dave. Thanks Rainsweep, it certainly does inspire me to burn the late night candle, to work on the site.


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