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    Working from DVD, XMP Files

    I have a DVD with Camera RAW images. In photoshop I would open the RAW images and process and save to the hard drive. Because i did this, I do not have any XMP files associated with my TIF processed images. I have searched everywhere on my hard drive and can find nothing. If i have images on my hard drive and work from there, instead of the disk, i get the XMP files.
    Could these XMP files be stored elsewhere and i am just not seeing them?
    I am using CS3 straight photoshop, not working in bridge at all.
    thanks for the help

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    As I know, the XMP is associated to the original fil, and in the actual case, it would be the RAW on your DVD. When you save as TIF on your harddrive, its no longer the original fil.

    Else we all have to deliver 2 files when we give a photo away, and this could be a "fun" job.


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