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    4-pin Amphenol question

    Hey there.
    I have a 1950's Electro-Voice 623 Microphone that takes a 4-pin Amphenol plug. The previous cord that was with it was cut off. I still have the plug and am trying to find a suitable cord for it. It requires a ground, and (for low impedance) two wires for pos. and neg. That is only 3 wires for a 4 pin plug. Does anybody here have a little more experience with older plugs? I just want to know what would be the most suitable cord for my use and what does the 4th pin get used for? On the other end i will be attaching a 1/4 inch stereo plug to it.

    Thank You!

    -J Corll

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    This is a long time ago, but if I remember right, pin 1 is ground/shield, pins 2 & 3 are low impedance balanced output, pin 4 is high impedance.

    What are you going to plug that 1/4" connector into?

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    I haven't seen one of these in a long time; it was popular for harp. It has a dual impeadance transformer, through an on/off switch. The pins are:

    Pin 1 shield
    Pin 2 white hi-Z
    Pin 3 white low-Z
    Pin 4 black

    If you intend to use it as a low-Z mic (I recomend it) use pins 1, 3, and 4. Then connect the 1/4" trs plug:

    shield to sleave
    white to ring
    black to tip

    Use standard balanced mic cable.
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