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    DVCPRO vs MiniDV

    Hi All

    As some of you are in the broadcast field is there any real advantage to moving from MiniDV to DVCPRO cameras??? Can anyone tell me the disadvantages of the format apart from the higher tape cost???

    I'm dumb about this the cams like the AJD 400 shoot 16:9 There have been a couple for sale at very low prices here and I rather like the idea of a camera with 3 x 1/2" chips!!!!

    Any help on the format and why you can get a very pro looking and spec camera for a few thousand dollars????


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    DVCPro (18Mcm) has bigger track width as compared to MiniDV (10Mcm), no EP, made of different material (as in tape).

    DVCPRO25 is as described above. There are some more difference but I am not sure. Not too many though..

    There are still 2 more DVCPRO standards, namely DVCPRO50 (DV25 and DVCPRO25's coded video bitrate is 25Mbits/s, wheras this is doubled at 50Mbits/s) and DVCPRO100/DVCPRO HD, features higher datarate (color sampling and all). The higher the bitrate, the faster the tape runs (in order to hold the info). Eg a 2hr DVCPRO (25) tape will only run for abt 1/2 hr on a DVCPRO HD cam.

    Based on the 'physical' difference in data, this will certainly give a better video (in terms of chroma and perhaps luminance?) quality input and output (depending how the user do it)

    Acknowledgements to some online webpages that helped me to understand it better (and with whatever I can remember from Betacam technology, in this case not a lot) to write this.
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    Thanks Nagar

    The camera I had in mind was the models prior to the ADJ-610 and has no firewire port. The older units were designed on the assumption that the studio has a DVCPRO VTR with firewire to do data transfer.
    Someone just bought one for $1000 on eBay which is cheap for a pro camera with 1/2"CCD's and 750line res BUT if you don't have a VTR to do the transfer then it's a waste.

    I see all the DVCPRO100 machines are now HD and don't need a VTR as you can work directly from the camera..however those are beyond my budget!!



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