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    As we all know, there are web designers and web developers; two very different skillsets and headspaces.

    Myself, I'm a web designer: I can make stuff look pretty; I'm a dab hand at HTML, Flash, competent at Actionscript, and I can tweak a bit of javascript and do some very rudimentary PHP tweaking, but when it comes to all that secret code, database stuff, I'm all at sea.

    Anyhoo, I've been asked to quote on an online shopping site.

    Now, I've usually had a code monkey (and I use the term with the utmost respect - I admire the code-magic those guys can weave) on tap to do all the hard, behind-the-scenes stuff, but at the moment I'm kind of flying solo.

    Does anyone know it there's some easy-to-implement e-commerce packages out there?

    And what steps do I/should I have to go through in setting up an online shopping site? What should I leave up to the client?

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    Hi Clownfish

    Nice to hear from you again!!

    The very first thing I would do is find out what sort of credit card facility the client has, or intends using. That makes a huge difference!! I personally run mine on a PayPal account and implementation is simple.

    See first if he has a merchant bank account and what is needed to customers to effect payment before deciding on a package. Most e-Shop packages are simple to setup and virtually do the installation on their own but it all depends on how the client is going to process the payments!!!

    The actual on line shop is simple to build but it all depends on how the payments are processed!!! A lot of payment processors (other than banks) will offer secure payment facilities and once you sign up they often toss in a free e-shop package as part of the deal!!



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