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    Video Production Needed


    I run a motorsport company. We're launching an exciting new competition and I want to have an in-house (ish) video team as I want to have a lot of on-line content for YouTube etc etc.

    See our site at

    I need somebody to start things rolling bearing in mind I'm on a low budget at the moment but money will be increasing as we go over the next few months.

    I immediately need someone to be in Leicester on 20th and 21st of July (soon...)

    Is anyone interested? You can see from our website that we're working with some of the biggest names in F1. One of our team is the boss of a Formula 1 team!

    I hope to hear from somebody soon! It's an exciting project.


    David Fleming

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    Hi David,

    Not sure if you've searched on our forum at all, but I'm 16 and looking for experience filming etc. That does, however, mean that I'm nowhere near professional enough etc, plus I don't have a single piece of equipment.

    Added to this, I'm in Cheshire, so it's a 2 hour plus drive for my Dad to drop me off (#fail).

    I'm interested though, but it's whether you could pay for the hire of a camera, whether you're ready to accept someone that isn't fantastic at filming (I have some experience, but not massive like anyone else on these forums), plus I can only, currently, do basic editing - I've never done a proper project before.

    I'm also interested in the Formula One side - very into motorsport, used to go-kart a few years ago at Daytona near me (got into the highest class for the semi-casual racers :-)

    Let me know if you're interested at all. You can email me or drop me a PM here. Or public reply. Any of 'em lol.

    I'm sure someone else will be massively more qualified (well, qualified full stop) than me and will be a preference to you I'm sure, so good lucky anyway.


    Added: Just been in touch with a company who can hire cameras in your area (Leicester) would be about 490 for 7 day hire + tapes + insurance (for the cameraman), so if you're gonna be doing this more long-term, it might be better investing in kit yourself. Of course, I've only found the one price, but he says he may be able to do a slight discount as I'm younger etc.
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    Hi David,

    You could try looking at video production companies in Leicester, they may be helpful,

    Best Wishes


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    Thanks guys

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    How far have you got with this? Have you already got an external company?

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