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    need user manual and pc drivers

    i have need of auser manual and or the pc driver #s for a panasonic mdl#
    PV-L453D vidio palmcorder photoshot is built in for still pic.sit has built in vcr and a pc hookup it works great as a camcorder but i wat to transfer my stuff to a disk...thanks in advance rick i will check back here but you can email me to i think try [EMAIL=""]
    i think i got it in there

    ps what are tags ?
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    Hi Rick

    That's an oldie VHS-C camcorder so you might have to buy one from for $9.95 Panasonic usually have free manuals to download but drop the older machines as they become scarce!!

    If you are running WinXP then you don't need drivers!! XP will find the camera on it's own!! Drivers are only needed for Win95 and 98



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