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    Photoshop Training DVD

    hey guys! Is anyone can help me in selecting a training dvd for cs3- cs4 photoshop. I went on e-bay and they have hundreds of different versions. I'm new to photoshop so I'm looking for beginers-intermidiate level. Thanks.

    Also I'm wondering which software should be used in order for images to appear on my computer screen during studio photo sessions while my SLR camera gets connected via USB long extended cord.

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    I'm more skewed towards print (Focal Press), so if you are interested can check them

    You mean you want to shoot in the tethered mode. You can use either Lightroom (PC/Mac) or Aperture (Mac only).
    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
    Loong . Singapore

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    Thank you

    Thank you so much for your help.I'll definitely
    look into it.

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    No worries. Although I use one of the 2 mentioned softwares, I have never tried to shoot in tethered mode because I seldom do studio photography... perhaps will try it out soon.
    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
    Loong . Singapore


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