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    audio in mpeg, but not in Premiere when imported

    okay.. this is odd.

    I got videos on DVD which needed to be edited etc etc etc

    I turned the VOB files into mpegs by adding the extension.. everything was working normally.

    I can double click the mpegs and watch them, with interlacing and all, but thats not the point this time..

    I hear audio when watching the mpegs, and until a few days ago, importing them into premiere did NOT present an issue..

    but now when I import the same clips to edit them better.,..

    I dont see any audio tracks, I don't hear them and the clips have a yellow line in the timeline.. somehow showing me something is up with the audio importing ?

    ideas ?
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    none ?

    is this that simple an issue and I'm just too noob to figure it out ?

    are there threads elsewhere which may help me ?

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    wth is going on ?

    I re-extracted the .VOB files from the DVD..
    (just by copying the video folder, the audio folder contains nothing)

    but as vob files, and even as the ".MPG" files I turn the vobs into, when playing in WMP have audio...

    but when I import that same mpg into EITHER AE or AP

    (after effects or Adobe premiere)

    there is no audio at all..

    just a thin yellow line which seems to show me there is no audio tracks...

    adjusting the volume in the programs does nothing either..

    cmon gang, this is driving me bonkers..

    HELP ?


    soooo, I found out elsewhere that if I import my mpegs into windows movie maker, then I can export it in a better format for editing... so I tried to export a Windows Media File.. and import that into premiere...

    I got my audio back !

    too much work though.. wth, it was working before by simply using premiere VOBs and altering them into MPEGs... maybe an update screwed things up codec wise ?
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    Try MpegStreamclip for the conversion, much easier.

    It will convert all of the VOBs at the same time, quickly and with excellent results. Convert to DV-AVI for best results in Premiere.
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    Are you using CS3 or CS4? The latest patch for CS4 adds proper support for VOB files.
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    the patch ?

    where may I find this patch ?

    I tried to "update" but it says there are no new updates..

    & using converters to get the audio only seems to add more issues with the audio being out of sync.. and I am not about to resync it, my video is two hours long.

    but that was using windows media maker 2.6...

    I guess I will try this squared5 one for now...

    until I can find the patch for CS4..

    eta :

    is it the 4.0.1 one ? (I'm downloading that one now)

    eta.. my version is currently 4.1.0..

    and now that I have run this other patch, it tells me MPEGS are not supported.. neither are VOB files.

    why is this so difficult ? editing video is enough work as is..

    converting always seems to offset audio and takes so long anyway...

    I bet this mpeg streamclip thing even creates the same issue.. it sure is slow.
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    Sorry, this one has me beat. The patch is indeed v4.1.0. I'm using it myself editing MPEG & VOB files without any problem. Maybe some of the codecs haven't installed correctly for you. If I were you I'd be looking at a complete uninstall and reinstall.
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