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    Interested in storyboards?

    I'm looking for ideas and material regarding researching, teaching & professional storyboarding and associated functions such as animatics. I am particularly interested in application to advertising and short videos: dramatic, documentary, educational, & informational.

    Any other interest here or does anyone have suggestions for reference and source material, on line or printed?

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    I'm not too sure what you are looking for, but I've done alot of storyboarding for plays, musicals and books. I use everything at my disposal, lots of paper, pencils, (erasers). white boards, chalk boards, walls and tape, stickynote pads, whole days at the library. If yer looking for a computer program, I don't know, but now I'm interested too. I think that wouldn't suffice, though, simply because it is not as visual as covering whole walls in scribble and sticky-notes.

    I know there are lots of books on the subject, tho I've never looked into it. My sister was a pro playwrite, and I learned from her. I also did the ad markets in D.C. for a few years, but mainly local radio jingles there.
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    I was doing a lecture on storyboarding and pre-production the other day, and the example I showed the students was the animatic that's on the DVD extras for the Spongebob Squarepants movie.

    This is an excellent example of storyboarding in action: You get to see how different artists approach it in different ways. Some artists little more than block out shapes with thumbnail sketches, while others make quite elaborate drawings, but either way, they show how the story is pretty much going to look.

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