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    Please Review my website

    Well you can check it at
    I want to know about shortcomings how can i improve it please specify your replies.

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    The site looks good overall. There are some small things that I think could be improved:
    1) The Feedburner logo should be aligned in the center placed below the subscription box.
    2) The web counter and blogcatalog banner don't look good in the footer. Suggest to remove the blogcatalog banner and put Blogcatalog's link in the sidebar.

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    I'd agree with those comments, but to go slightly further:

    Increase the width of your sidebar if possible - it cuts off about 5-10% of your Google Ads.

    Otherwise, it's a good site - looks like it's updated daily or more often.


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    Good design. CSS runs well, if possible your table width of google adsense bit decrease. It shows in my browser out of the body.

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    I can't seem to get on the Princeton Review website. I've never had this trouble before, but I can't even access the homepage. It tells me that the page is not found.Anybody else having trouble, or know what's going on?

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