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Thread: Best Sub hookup

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    Best Sub hookup

    So I have some nice 2 channel stereo gear, a preamp with one pair of of the usual rca outs and a pair of balanced XLR outputs. I already us the XLR outs to hook up my stereo amp. My new Sunfire sub has a single xlr input.

    So question: Should I split the XLR outs with two Ys and go to both my amp and the sub with balanced? I would need to go stereo to mono for the sub with another XLR Y connector. Or am I better off just using the usual rca lines in stereo from the preamp to the sub?

    Also, anyone have a source for very well shielded rca interconnects very short-say 1 ft?


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    Hi, Cpick

    Let me throw a few things at ya. You didn't say what the gear is, so I can't say but what not to do.

    1.It's really not a good idea to parallel balanced (or any, for that matter)loads without compensating for the impedance change. You may not hear much of a difference but the electronics will feel it and complain at some point.

    2.RCA is not balanced. But I think all Sunfire subs have RCA's, so I would connect to those. RCA L & R to RCA L & R. If not, check the owner's manual. Check it anyway!

    Short cables? I have no idea. I make all my own cables.
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