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    Streaming Video Capture Question

    Hello. I was wondering if anybody here knows of a free program that will capture a streaming video. My in-laws missed a couple episodes of Harpers Island and don't have a computer to watch the episode online, so I'm trying to put it on a DVD for them. Any ideas how I would go about this? CBS doesn't seem to have a link to down load the video or I'd just do that. Thanks for any/all help!


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    I've known many tools to help you put it on a DVD for them such as xilisoft DVD converter etc. But there are no one is free as i know, maybe you can buy one as it just only cost 30 or 40 .It's so cheap as its expert in converter any formats into DVD... Hope you get it soon~

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    Hi 20-ce - please don't recommend Xilisoft -



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