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    can How to Round Numbers javascript has a bug?

    I tried How to Round Numbers javascript a lot of times,,,And I found a result such that...
    when I write anything number between 8192 and 10485 and if the number has 675 for decimal,it rounds to 67 for decimal ...but it should round to 68....
    can you enlighten me?

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    Hmm, this has got me stumped. I have to say I wouldn't have picked this one up - thanks for bringing it to our attention.

    I've researched it and tried a few alternatives to the Math.round method but they all have the same result. Looking around the net I see that everyone else is using the same code we are and it all has the same bug. At this stage I can only assume it's a limitation of JavaScript.

    8192 is of course 2^13. Maybe that's significant. Any mathematical coding gurus out there?

    I'm going to keep looking around for a solution. I'll let you know if one comes up.
    Dave Owen


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