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    Quick update at my blog. Just added another composition called "He's so sweet".

    Royalty free.. visit it at

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    Ooops.. fixed the 404 download error resulting when you tried to listen or download my newest post on my blog.. go ahead and try again.



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    Just updated my blog with some new material. Might be good for a patriotic photoset.

    Check it out at


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    new post!

    hope you can use it in your projects!


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    Re: royalty Free piano music (for real)

    What a kick! Maybe the best things in life ARE free!...(well, some of them anyway.) Many thanks for letting me listen. I'll be back again!

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    Re: royalty Free piano music (for real)

    Heads up!

    Just posted another new composition for you to use on my blog.

    Have fun!


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    Re: royalty Free piano music (for real)

    Hi everyone,

    I just posted a new piece called "Angels", which is my own piano version of "Angels from the realms of Glory."

    Instead of searching the internet or elsewhere for my traditional related photgraph that captures the meaning of the piece, I have decided to put in a request from YOU to submit possible photo or art entries that you feel would best suit the music.

    Then I will post that picture on my blog with a big FAT hyperlink right back to your own website... essentially free advertising.

    So, please, feel free to visit, read, listen and submit.

    My blog is located at

    I have an email link on the post.

    Happy Holidays!!


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    Re: royalty Free piano music (for real)

    I just updated my blog with a new composition. Feel free to listen and download.


    Ghost Notes

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    Re: royalty Free piano music (for real)

    Thanks for posting the link to your blog. I really enjoy your work.

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