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    print the hidden page without the print dialog box

    Hi guys,

    i'm calling for the help . it is anybody out there know how to print the hidden page without the print dialog box? (as we click print button at page and it automatically print the hidden page..)
    Thank you..

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    This sort of thing is not normally considered to be a good idea because it would be too easy to abuse. If you could make printing start at the press of a button then you could also take over the printer as soon as the page loads (i.e. without any user input at all). As a rule, any function which attempts to control the end user's hardware without any sort of user confirmation is a no-no. JavaScript won't do it anyway.

    There are a few options for Internet Explorer - see I wouldn't recommend anything like this though - only if you're desperate and you have a very specific need.
    Dave Owen


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