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    curiousity towards PDF diagrams

    I have been reading quite a few user manuals and they have diagrams that do not pixelate no matter how far you zoom in...

    i have heard the term "vector images" but i dont know if this retales at all..

    id just like to know how they are made, what files you can use etc...

    any info would be great!!

    i use GIMP personally but use Photoshop from time to time.. i would be surprised if these applications cant handle whatever it takes to make these 'magical' graphics...


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    When it comes to graphics, there are two basic types - bitmaps and vector graphics.

    Bitmaps are what you would be most familiar with, if you've worked with programs like Photoshop. A bitmap essentially describes an image pixel-by-pixel. Hence, scaling a bitmap "pixillates" - the pixels just get bigger.

    A vector graphic, on the other hand, uses mathematical equations to describe shapes, kind of like a complex dot-to-dot picture. At its simplest, something like a square would be described as four points, each at their respective x&y co-ordinates, joined by four lines. The enclosed space could be given a fill colour, and the bounding line an outline of specified thickness and colour.

    This is why vector graphics can be scaled without loss of quality - no matter how big or small you make the actual shape, the relationships of the points, lines and fills that comprise the shape remain the same.

    Photoshop can incorporate vector graphics in its layers - this is what the shape tool does.

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    Oops, I forgot to address the rest of your query ...

    Acrobat PDFs can include both bitmaps and vectors.

    The types of programs you'd use to create vector graphics would include Illustrator. The shapes you can create in programs like Word are also vectors.

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    wow thanks clownfish. Much clearer to me now...

    I normally use Word for vector graphics but i didn't know if it will stay a vector image or convert into bitmap. Now that i think about it, text remains text in PDF conversion so why shouldn't vector graphics..

    I use Photoshop quite a bit but never really felt a need to play with Adobe Illustrator..

    thanks again!

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    re: pdf creator

    Just get this program : PDF Creating v2.0

    PDF Creator: create PDF documents easily


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    Adding graphics on a timeline in Ulead videostudio 11

    Hi there ope god is blessing you. Am just new at the forum but i've been blest by your in puts.
    My request is about using ulead video studio 11/graphics;
    can any one help me know how to post graphics on the timeline?
    Thanks plz


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