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    Photoshop CS3 Frame Animation

    Have been using Image Ready to make animated/Rotating gifs for years, but my work recently upgraded to CS3 which just has the animation options integrated into the Photoshop program itself.

    The problem I'm experiencing is that when I go to make a rotating gif the files will only import as a layer, and not separate editable frames. This is a huge pain because with the animation as a layer instead of frames I can't change the hang time on different frames, or do anything useful to them not as a whole. I've tried all the options I can think of but have had no success. It was such a simple thing to do in Image Ready that being unable to figure it out in CS3 is frustrating.

    Is there a way to import a sequence of images into Photoshop CS3 as frames instead of a single animation layer? (I do realize you can bring in each frame one at a time, but when there are 40 image files in the sequence it's much easier to import them all at once.)


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    Hi - sorry someone took so long to answer this for you!

    There's a quite easy workaround:

    Go to File > Import > Video Frames to Layers

    You'll notice that it only gives you the option to import video formats. Fear not!

    Simply type "*" into the filename box, and hit Load. A list of all the files will appear. Browse to the file you want, and you're done.

    You'll get a few options when you're opening it, but I'm confident you'll figure those out.

    To see the frames, go to Window > Animation. This will give you the timeline you remember so fondly from ImageReady.


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