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Thread: Sd card

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    Sd card

    How can I import video from an SD card into my computer for editing on my software. I have plugged the camera up but it will only show the still photos. I need to put the video into IMOVIE or Final Cut.

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    There's usually some sort of software included with the camera, do you have it? If not, there is a ton of video capturing software on the internet. Also, if you go to the IMOVIE website and scroll down a bit, you'll see "Will your camcorder work with iMovie?" I would click that link and see if your camera is on the list.

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    Hi Everyone..

    I have a Canon HF100 camcorder. I record in HD video mode and My PC reads and imports the video just fine.I have a brand new Macbook Pro 15" intel cpu machine with iMovie 09. When I use one of the memory cards to import video it works fine. When I use the other memory card to import video it doesn't even see the camera. It will import pics from it into iPhoto and mounts the camera so you can see the files but iMovie won't even recognize it.iMovie 09 was supposed to be HD compatible.why doesn't it have native .mts file support? these cameras have been out for over a year or two and are some of the more popular ones around now. Can anyone give the advice? Thanks

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    I to import video from card SD, and usually I place video in IMOVIE


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