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    I'm not sure which bit rate you are refering to, so I can't say what the effect would be. Could you please tell us the whole chain? Like;

    [Source (MP3 player, mic, CD player, etc)] at [bitrate, khz, etc] > Pyko-in; out at [bitrate, khz, etc] > [next device] ...

    One thing I think you could check - On your 'Stream Server' screen check under 'Audio > stream configuration' for Audio Format and MP3 Encoding Quality. Make sure Audio Format is set for MP3 48khz and MP3 Encoding quality is set at the highest level.

    I'm really curious about this now, as I have a client wanting to stream background music across a parking lot to another building.
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    Problem solved with lowering down bit rate to 128kbps and using mp3 at 44.1 kHz...the chain is is radio station...from the mix we have limiter/compresor and Pyko in (now streaming on 128 kpbs mp3 44.1 kHz) wireless link to transmitter site ( about 3.5 km) than pyko out, RDS, exciter, power amplifier, antenna system. Lowering down the bit rate does have sense because of wireless link. It causes packet latency and the buffer couldn't handle it. With lower quality comes lower bit rate and the buffer fills slowly (less bits). If you are planing to use pyko boxes, make sure your network is latency free.

    Thank you for your help and good luck!

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