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    Digital/Hi8 to DVD

    I've had a SONY TRV310 camcorder for about 10 years. It is supposedly a digital camcorder and records on Hi8/8mm tapes. It recently stopped working. My brother-in-law said it appears the heads (one in particular) is "chipped" which is causing my picture to drop out/get fuzzy/pixelize. I found a website with schematics for my camcorder (, but I can't find a parts number for the heads. My problem is I'm trying to find the easiest/least expensive way to transfer my old, digital tapes to another format probably DVD). I have about 80 tapes (1 hr. each) which were recorded on the camcorder. Digital conversion services will help me, but the cost would be prohibitive. I could send the camcorder in to SONY's repair center, but I'm not sure it's worth the cost - a significant charge just to look at it, plus repairs. I've been looking on Craigslist, but I have some concerns about the quality of what I'm buying. Also, there are not a lot of listings and they may be some distance away. Finally, I don't have any cables/computer software at this time. Anyone with experience in these matters, please offer their suggestions? Anything from how to transfer tapes most cost effectively to specifics of how to get tapes onto my computer - my computer skills are "okay." Thanks!

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    If you want to retrieve the footage from a Hi 8 tape, I would jump on ebay and pick up a cheap digital 8 format camcorder. I believe this format will allow you to play back hi 8 footage and capture it to a computer in the same way as you capture dv through a fire wire cable. Once its on your computer you can edit the footage in the same way, and if you have the software/hardware, put it onto dvd. Bear in mind though that the big problem here is the time. If you have 80 tapes each an hour long, thats 80 hours of footage you will be capturing and it will be in real time too. If you have fcp you can log and cap which will mean less waiting however this takes a lot of time too. Not to mention the amount of disk space you will need to bring it all in. 1 hour of sd footage = 12gb (approx). Unless you do one at a time.

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    Just be sure that the model you get will be able to play Hi8 tapes.
    Not all digital 8 camcorders were backwards compatible like that.
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    Check pawnshops, repair shops (if you can still find one), high schools and colleges near you. Maybe you can barter instead of pay. Everybody & everything has a price or value - I think it's a question of what are you willing to give in return because money is not always the answer.
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