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Thread: mp3 48 khz

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    mp3 48 khz

    Hi all,

    I am wondering about how much bit rate can produce mp3 48 khz with a highest 7 quality and how much bit rate can produce PCM 48 khz?

    Thanks in advance

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    To put in my 2 cents, mp3 is not high quality to begin with, so the question may be about what bit rate would do to get the best out of mp3? And that would depend on the software I believe. (I don't even want to be an mp3 or 4 guru when I grow up)

    I may be a little confused about the term pcm (pulse code mudulation) in reference to bit rate, but in general the higher the bit rate the higher the sample rate the higher the qaulity, the d/a a/d converters etc. taken into consideration.

    Does this help?
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