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    PA advice for a scout hall


    Recently we have completed the construction of our new scout building. The group is wanting a permantly fixed PA system within the hall.The hall is approximately 50 metres long by about 25 wide. It has a high roof and with a laminate flour acoutics are good. Would any body be able to point in the direction of a good system? i would be most gratefull.



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    1. What is the ceiling like? When you say acoustics are "good" - for what? Speech? Music? What kind/s of music?

    2. What kinds of things will the hall be used for?

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    Two good questions. A 'system in a box' may work in a generic sense where the acoustics are 'OK', for the likes of a few public address announcements etc, but for any serious stage presentations where the need to hear articulation of speach and music content are concerned, a system should be designed after doing some math. (no,no not algebra, it's not supposed to have anything to do with life!).

    if the former, may I suggest a medium size system from If the latter, we can deffinately help you with the math and all that.

    With the room size you said that would not be much of a problem, but you may find it neccisary to treat the room a little.
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