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    Video Streaming Site that allows you to charge for your videos?

    Hi guys, I'm trying to find a video streaming site that can let me charge for my videos, I don't mind if it is a site that takes a percentage cut for streaming it but I'm trying to find one that doesn't make you pay in advance to stream it.

    I have found this site -
    but I'm put off by the look of the site, Just wondering if anyone knows of any others please?


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    Does it have to be streaming? Can it be for download? And what is the type of video, i.e. short film, doco, stock footage..?
    Dave Owen

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    Hope this helps......try and click on "view a comparison of our products" to see which may serve you best.

    This site has different packages. These allow you to create, store, distribute, manage your content as your want. If you want to charge for your content you can do so and you get to keep ALL of the proceeds!
    Click here to compare the packages.

    Therefore, you have to pay upfront for the service. Fortunately, you can start with as small package and build up.

    We also have a complete video internet marketing system in our attainresponse offering
    To learn more visit these sites:

    See also and click on view a comparison of our products to see which may serve you best.

    Drop me a line if you want more information.
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