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    Interested in Advice on Starting a New Streaming Website

    Hi Dave, I must first say how much I enjoyed the great tutorials you offer on this site.

    I am planning to open a new website that offers a variety of streaming videos. I do not have much technical knowledge of streaming so I am looking for a consultant who can be there to answer a few questions I have and overall help me choose and implement the best technology involved with streaming. So Dave, I am wondering if I could speak with you further about the best options for streaming. I would appreciate that very much. Feel free to email me at


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    Hi Dave, I have been trying to get a hold of your for a while now. Can you please email me at I am interested in speaking with you briefly about obtaining your services.


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    Sorry Tom, I've been out of action for a bit. As you can see I'm frantically trying to catch up on forum messages at the moment. I'll send a reply to your email very soon.
    Dave Owen


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