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    Pro Audio Help

    I'm looking to get some breakout panels for quick wireing my power amps to make set up easy any ideas where to purchase them? thankyou

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    I found them

    Whirlwind website they buil custom stage gear.

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    Brother please; with all the time and money it takes to get stuff custom made it would be worth your while to learn to solder and learn the parts and do it yourself.

    But then again you are why I am still in business. Catch-22 on my part.

    In any case, I would recomend that you chart out what you want to do with detail, including speaker and amp models, etc, and either add that to your post so we know what you need, or search local for an experienced tech to help, cool?
    'I think my intimate relationship with electronics started as a child when I was playing with a screwdriver and a wall plug, Doc, and...'

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    Ok Great advice.

    I can solder. Im really not sure where to get all the parts. plus im a smaller company so i'm the sales/eng/marketing/etc... and I don't really have that kind time. If the saving is substancial I will def have a go at it. I have 12 EAW KF300, and 8 Apogee AE 12s2 for subs. I have 8 qsc ex 4000 and 12qsc ex 2500 I have a dbx Drive rack pa that i think i need to upgrade to a better driverack . I need to know the best way to set this all up thanks


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