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    Edirol V4 Signal plz Help

    Hello everyone
    I need help on my edirol V4 video mixer, I use it with panasonic MD 10000. Since I bought it I ve not been able to make good use of it because of some lines appears on the video like rain falling. I ve changed cables times still to no avail. The suprising thing to me is that, sometime in the middle of program, the lines will disapaear and the signal will be good for a while. It really looks like interfernce. but I ve moved the video office to another room different from audio room. Ples I need help fast on this can I do to get good signal.

    Thank you.

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    I forgot to mention one more magic involved. The lines (interference) Disappear during all night coverage. all sunday morning service signal is totally bad. please leave a comment here now, am despirately in need of urgent solution


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