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    Webbbs alternates ..

    I been using Webbbs for 7? or so years and about to give up on it .. so I been looking for php forum that does similar threading as Webbbs and have reveresed / newest first threading but having no luck finding such scripts ..

    So I though Ill ask here and see if someone can point out such script ..

    I already looked at Phorum 5 at which is a very nice script have threaded view and they even just wrote me a Webbbs 5.12 to Phorum 5 covertor but my members are complaining that thier threaded view is not what they wanted and they want it to be the same as Webbbs and I firgued it because Phorum doesn't offer resevered or newest first threading ..

    So is there any forum out there that php and uses mysql as database but have both threaded and flat view and also have first newest or resvered threading like Webbbs?


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    I think you've made the right move giving up on WebBBS. Even if it does get the long-overdue update, there are a whole bunch of reasons I'd never trust WebBBS again in a production environment.

    vBulletin does have threaded views and various display options, but not all the same options that WebBBS has. I don't know of any forums which have exactly the same options.

    Anyway, my experience is that users will adapt to new formats and layouts even if they kick and scream at first. Our site was full of staunch threaded-view users who threatened to leave if we changed the format. When we first changed to vBulletin we had all sort of complaints from the die-hards, but within a few weeks almost every single one of them had come around. We've had heaps of apology messages and they all say they now understand why we wanted to change.

    We spent some time showing people how to make the new layout behave in a similar way to WebBBS but we actually found that most people chose to use the linear view once they got used to it. Some people still use the threaded view.

    I think the bottom line is that there is no high-quality forum solution which is going to look and feel the same as WebBBS. That's a real shame but we have to be realistic. On the plus side, I don't think people are as reliant on the WebBBS layout as they think they are.

    Good luck with your changeover. So far, of the many people who have contacted me regarding migrating from WebBBS to a more serious solution, not a single one has regretted it.
    Dave Owen


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