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    Please Read and Help with advice now

    Edirol V4,"RCA" Panasonic MD 10000. composite connection "RCA"

    Now here is the challenge.There is a lines which looks like interference, ground problem or so, but the BIG surprise is, During all night recording, the lines will all disappear and I will have clean recording, but Sunday morning recording is a total nightmare. Please I need your help as you read this post. am right now on a hot seat, I have been asked to solve this problem within the next two weeks or GET FIRED. Please Help and give yr advice. Thank you for your speedy replies.

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    Well I certainly hope that you sort this one out.

    Fisrt of all you need to isolate the problem!! It's no use trying to blame the mixer when the cable is faulty or the camera!!!

    (1) Are you SURE that the problem vanishes at night???? Make sure that the darker environment is not just hiding the problem.

    (2) Isolate the gear.. feed the cam (using the same cables) directly into a monitor and see if the problem is there. That will isolate the mixer..if the signal is clear then plug thru the mixer and see if it returns.

    (3) If you are 100% sure about the day/night issue then I would look at outside influences...does the cam and monitor show a problem??? or only with the mixer??? If it is the mixer during the day only then look at temperature...wack a big fan on the mixer and see if that helps. If it's not temperature related then you are getting outside interference!!

    I would then put all the gear to one side and walk around the building and make a note of what's on during the day and not on at night ---aircon???
    You just need to make careful observations...RF signals come also do it and might even come from machinery/transmitters from daytime nearby buildings!! Check local roofs for big antennas ..that might be a hint.

    If you do find a source of outside interference, ask the owner of the source if they could shut it down just for 5 mins to make sure they are the problem. If they are, then some simple filtering might be the answer on the cables (like a ferrite core)

    First find the issue THEN deal with it!!!

    Let us know how you go????


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    Well, Chris I want to thank you for your abservation suggestion. Regarding the problem vanishes at night. Am pretty SURE about it. For the machinary I talked of, The Building has no aircon and all the wirless mic that we use in daytime are also used at night programs. Because of this problem I have to leave the audio office and relocated to another office still no improvement. I notice that the lines becomes more when I connect the audio line to my video recorder "panasonic MD 90000" As for the camera to monitor issue, am going to try it again with closer attention. But I ve tried it before. So by monday am going to post all you said. Thank you Chris

    Am still appealing to viewers to Plz REPLY


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