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    Streaming Formats to other websites

    This is a great site BTW. I've learned a lot about embedding video links into websites which was the information I was looking for.

    I have one question/problem. My company is looking to provide streaming video to other websites. From what I've read, I should be able to send them the embedded video files and they should stream and run on the site. In order to determine the best format (Windows, Quicktime, Flash, etc.) would we consult with the webmaster of the site we are submitting it to? Is it possible to submit multiple embedded video files and have the website pick whatever format the viewer has on their computer? Or is it only possible to embed one type of video file per webpage?

    Thanks in advance for any help on this issue.

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    Thanks for the compliment

    If possible, I would recommend that you consult with the respective webmasters and ask which format(s) they would like. They will most likely have their own systems and preferences, and if you can fit in with them you'll have a better system and happier relationships.

    A website can't automatically detect the end user's format preference. Remember that most users will have more than one media player so even if the website could detect the players, it wouldn't know which was the preferred one. Basically, the only thing a website can do is provide more than one format and let the viewer choose which one to watch.

    You can embed more than one video format per page, but they would be separate items on the page, i.e. you can't embed them all together.
    Dave Owen

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    Hi Dave, this brings up an interesting point that I have been researching as well. has a system that scans the end users computer and tells them which players they have installed and how to install those they do not have. It then allows them to choose which player to use.

    Do you know how IFILM detects the installed players? Seems like a valuable tool for any streaming site. I am wondering if it is a 3rd party component or if not, how easily it could be replicated.



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