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    Panasonic VDR-M50PP - I need the software pack/driver

    Hi everyone.

    I recently inherited an older video camera that came with everything but the driver and video uploading software.

    The camera I have in possession is a Panasonic VDR-M50PP... 2004 model.... The camera looks barely used, came with a bunch of mini DVD's
    and all the cords and battery chargers, but one major problem; The
    stupid driver/uploader software did not come with. It was probably lost
    at some point by the previous owner. From this, I have no way of uploading video files onto my computer.

    Camera info =

    For the past week, I have been looking all over the place on the
    internet and even on Panasonic's website for this camera software that I
    need. I have been finding downloadable stuff at random places, but it is
    unfunctionable, does not work, and this software that I need is almost
    nowhere to be found. I also haven't found a single place where I could buy this software package at, separately.

    The software that my camera needs is the following, and must be
    compatable for the VDR-M50PP camera:

    - DVD-RAM Driver
    - DVD-MovieAlbumSE
    - MyDVD

    I am assuming that on the official camera software CD, all three of
    these come in one package together, or on one single CD. I might be
    wrong, but without the owners manual or camera box telling me anything
    specific and straight to the point, it's hard to figure out.

    If anyone have any connections, or can point me off to the right direction, I will be happy.

    Please let me know whether or not something can be done. Thanks a lot. I am also willing to pay for the software pack but not some crazy $20 for a burnt copy like some ebay sellers had already offered.. (nutcases!)

    Thanks. Cool site - I'm a college student in Chicago IL.


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    You likely don't need MyDVD and such, try out cdburnerxp from which is free. !

    There appears to be an attached file in cdfreaks forum, you need an account to download it. Link:

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    I would try MPEGStreamclip first, also free and widely used in the video world.
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    Sorry for the late response.

    Thanks for the help. I will see how this goes!



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