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    Jack Hallows

    How i got on at the shoot.

    Hi Dave i have currently justy finished filming the soccer match and it went really well. i got a lot of shotsd of close-ups of players and the ball and i also got action shots, a wide shot and also i got a few digital photos of players and goal chances for me to use in my titles sequences. you asked me to tell you how i got on so this is it. cheers for all the help in my research it was greatly appriciated. cheers.
    Jack Hallows (Brooksby Melton College)

    p.s. i now will have to edit the tapes and produce my highlights program i will tell you how i got on with that when i finish.

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    Hey, good stuff Jack

    Thanks for the update. It's really good to hear how people get on with their projects. I think it helps us all feel that it's worthwhile trying to help each other.

    Good luck with the edit and keep in touch.
    Dave Owen


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