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Thread: Upgraded to HD

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    Upgraded to HD

    Hi All

    Just to keep you up to date!!
    I have a 3 week break in wedding bookings so this was the only feasible chance I had to upgrade to HD cameras.

    I ordered 2 x Panasonic HMC 72's The other competitor was the Sont HD1000 but it lost due to having a single CMOS chip and bad low light and very basic audio.

    The Panasonics are the HD version of the old Proline DVC62 and amazingly Panasonic have not taken away any features!! Still has a Leica 12X lens, 3 selectable zoom speeds. A full audio panel with twin XLR with manual controls and line/mic/phantom power switchable. The tape drive has gone and it's replaced with a SDHC card drive. The body still has composite and component output and the usual stereo audio. Added is a USB port and an HDMI port.

    Should be fun to play with and be able to shoot video in 1920x1080 format!! The Sony had the distinct advantage of being able to downconvert to SD but reports that the quality was terrible put me off!!

    If I need a less brutal format than AVCHD I can convert to HDV at 50mbs using VAAST's Upshift software.

    More updates later if anyone needs more information on these cameras


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    Hi Chris, Congrats on the new equipment.
    You should have a great time using those cameras.

    Just curious why Canon wasn't in the running?
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    Quote: Chuck Engels
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    Just curious why Canon wasn't in the running?
    I was wondering the same...
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    Hi Guys

    I'm a Panasonic fan and apart from the HV40 Canon had nothing in the sub $3000 price range here!! I just cannot turn up for weddings with a HV series camera ..people would laugh at me. The only camera that's got "respect" is the XH-A1 and here they are way too expensive!!!

    Apart from the fact that I have owned only Pannys since my first WVP-100 tube camera (about 100 years ago) I also have to look at doing weddings as a business venture rather than a "technically ideal" venture. My wedding business only makes me around $35 to $40K a year and the capital equipment expenditure shouldn't be more than around 10 - 15% of the business income. Here, 2 x XH-A1's would be nearly 20 - 25% of the income so to make the business viable I needed sub $3000 cameras (AUS$)

    Also in the mix was the fact that I've always had shoulder-mount cams!! and even in the sub $5000 bracket there are not many around until you start looking at ENG !! The only sub $3000 cams I could find that were shoulder mount were the Panasonic HMC72 and the Sony HD1000


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    Very understandable, thanks for the explanation Chris
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