I'm developing a UI with a near-realtime video picture that the main application would receive from a RTP source (Over UDP).
Right now, I get a delay of ~350ms on the screen.

Some Details:
* Video Format: Mpeg2, 6Mbit.
* The hardware I use to encode the video: Optelecom C-20e.
* No firewall.

To check the latency, I used VLC and changed all the MPEG Demuxer's buffering/caching values to 0, so there would be no latency, but still there's a ~350ms delay.

I have an analog screen playing the video with only ~100ms delay - So I guess there's no reason not to be close to that by an application. Furtheremore, when I do connect the camera to a USB port using Grabee (for example), there's almost no delay at all.

How do I solve the delay issue?
Help would be appriciated,