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    Controlling what happens when a user clicks on an HTTP link to video

    I know this is my first post...but you gotta start somewhere. I was searching on this issue with mp4 videos and stumbled across the site. Look like a good community with some people that really know their stuff. Thanks.

    OK...the problem:

    I have a client that we built a video management tool for. Basically it's like an FTP program...he can log in, upload a video, organize the videos and it displays a link to each file so that he can highlight that link and give it to clients. His clients will put that link on their website for their potential customers to hopefully make a purchase (of a house).

    So...the issue isn't in the application. It works fine. He can upload videos fine, organize them, and it displays the appropriate link. However...this guy is using large files in mp4 format. And the issue is when you click on a link to the mp4 video he has uploaded to test, we never know what is going to happen in each browser. Some users don't have the file association setup for Quicktime so you go through all of that BS...then some users (mainly apple) download the movie right away with no options...then some PC users it will actually "stream" for. By stream I refer to playing the part of the video it has downloaded.

    Anyway...this guy is apparently set on mp4...but I know nothing about it. Truthfully this is out of the scope of our project, but I want it to be successful so I am trying to help him out. So...where is this issue? Is the issue in how he is compressing it? Is the issue in the link? Anyone have any answers or suggestions?

    Thanks for helping a new guy out.

    - JP

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    Welcome to the forum and thanks for the comments

    Assuming that the end result needs to be a hyperlink from someone's website directly to the MPG4 file, I don't see a simple way around this problem. That's the nature of this type of file (not just MPG4 - other video files as well). It's really going to come down to how the end user's computer is set up.

    In order to better control how the end user sees the video you really need to embed it in the web page rather than just supply a link to the file. Obviously this complicates the issue a lot.

    My advice to your client is that if he wants to use a simple link system then he needs to accept that he won't have control over the viewer's experience. Otherwise he might have to look at supplying the code for embedding the files instead of linking to them.
    Dave Owen


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