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    Basic video editor for altering file size & physical size of .mov's?

    Hey all --
    Yeah, it' s a newbie question. Sorry to trouble you all with it, but as an earlier newbie noted, you have to start somewhere...

    So to flesh the question out a bit: having never worked with video before, I have been tasked with taking a very long (and therefore very large) existing .mov and creating both a smaller (for low-bandwidth users) and a larger (for high-bandwidth) one out of it. I looked through the tutorials for this, but they didn't cover which video tool might do this, and do it cheaply -- I don't really have a need for anything too fancy, as I don't foresee having to do this again soon. Quicktime Pro's page talks about editing MPEG4 and H.264, whatever that is, but doesn't mention .mov -- maybe that's because they assume that everyone _knows_ QP edits .movs? I don't know. Anyway, if that would work or if anyone has had good experiences with imTOO, or has other ideas for budget video editors, I'd really like to hear about them. Thanks very much for your expertise, everyone -- Ben

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    Quicktime Pro does indeed edit mov files. I haven't used the latest version but I'm picking it's probably a good option for what you need to do. And it's cheap.
    Dave Owen

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    Good to know! Thanks Dave -- Ben


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