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    Video studio Setup (2009)

    With due regards to all the pros in this forum,
    Am about to start a new video studio in Nigeria. I want to buy at least 4 'prosummer' digital camera. A quality video camera that is not too xpensive. Digital video mixer, studio lighting and audio equipments my budget is very tight. as a matter of fact, my total project is about $7000. The camera I have in mind to start with is Panasonic MD10000 or something of that nature in terms of cost. as for the mixer I dont know which one to settle for, but I dont want edirol V4. Pls any useful suggestion for:
    1. Camera
    2. Video mixer
    3. Studio & Outdoor lightings
    4. Quality cables &
    6. Any other things that will be of good use to me which I ve not mentioned. Remember that I will be doing outdoor works like weddings, birthdays as well.
    Thank you & may God bless you as you reply.

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    Unless you are doing work that requires live mixing which probably would mean employing staff I would drop the mixer for now and concentrate on doing live events.

    The MD10000 does a nice job at weddings and you only need 2 cameras!! I used a pair all last season and they worked very well and gave good results. Just remember that they shoot 4:3 only but most of my clients had no issue with that.

    Start reasonably and when the business builds then increase your products and gear!! I imported my MD10000's for about $1100 and sold then a year later for $860.00 That's a good investment return!!



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