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    Cross over setting

    I am trying to couple eaw kf 300e's with Apogee AE 12S2. can someone tell me best cross over settings for this combo. I Think 100 HZ is best but not sure on BW or LR effect and which one 6,12,18,24 setting please help me out

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    Hi max,

    the 300's I think have a built in crossover at 80 hz (-6db, they say) and that is what they recomend for biamping crossover.

    The Apogees have a high of 105 hz. I think I would go with the 80hz just to get the most out of the 300's and to relieve some of the the stress from the Aps.

    Why, though, do you not want to take full advantage of the 300's, crossing over after splitting to power the Aps? You would be wasting the 300's low end.

    I'm not sure about the rest of your question, and a friend just dropped in, but I will research it and get back soon.
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    crossover setting

    Hi thank you I will definetly try out new cross over setting. not sure what you ment buy crossing over after splitting to Apogees. Did you mean lowering the cross over point to 80hz? thanks for help hope to hear back.

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    I think I understand what you meant. I said couple i didnt mean hooking up speakers through one another i do have 3 seperate amps. I meant using them in together. sorry i was unclear.


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