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    Audio Track Split -- Multiple Languages

    I'm working with some video files that were originally encoded with multiple audio tracks for different languages. The user would select a language, and the program running the video files would use some system to mute all the audio tracks but the chosen language. Well...I don't have that program available, and if I did it wouldn't help, because I'm working from the video files themselves.

    Basically, I need a way to remove all but the English-language audio tracks. Also, the file type is .ogv.

    EDIT: I have confirmed there are 10 separate audio channels; 2 for music and sound effects, and the other 8 for each separate language (two each in Stereo).
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    Here is a place to start
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    Unfortunately, I have no idea what almost all of that is saying. I've found a way to pull the first two tracks (music and sound effects) out, but no program I can find can do anything with the other 8... Considering those hold the dialog, they're fairly important.

    I'm sure your link would help, but my technical abilities in that area are very, very low.

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    This is a very technical file as you can tell by the wiki article.
    First you need to have the correct audio codec to be able to hear and split out the language tracks. I don't know for sure if they are actually considered tracks or not.

    If you can play the video and hear the English version, either in Windows media player or some other software, then you can record the audio using a recording tool like Audacity (free) to record the audio. Then you can use the recorded audio file in your project in place of the original audio.

    If this sounds like something that might work for you let us know.

    There are a few codec and video format experts at that may be able to help you more with a conversion of the original file. You can check out the forum there and ask your question.
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    Therein lies the problem... When I play it in Windows Media Player, I can hear all the tracks. Not just the music and the English, all the foreign language tracks, too.

    How about a general question... Is there a program that can convert every separate audio track in a video file to a separate .WAV or .MP3 file?


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