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    High Quality VCD! & Quick DVD

    Can some help me with advice on how or which software to use to make high quality VCD?. Currently I capture my video as AVI file and then use nero vision to burn to vcd. but the quality is not up to standard quality that I see on other VCD, like our local home movie on VCD, the quality is like some DVD.
    Secondly nero is taking too much time to burn DVD, any latest idea on how to burn DVD without wasting too much time

    Thank you. I love ya all for your fast reply.

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    What you really should be doing is editing your DV-AVI which is uncompressed in an editor and then outputting an MPEG2 file to be made into the DVD ..that way Nero will burn a DVD in a few minutes.

    AVI is an uncompressed format and most DVD authoring software packages expect to get an MPEG2 file to demux and create into a VOB ready for burning to a DVD.


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    This will tell you a lot about the VCD format
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    VCD's usually use the format of MPEG-1 to record video and audio to a compact disk. So you first need to encode the original video file into a ready to burn MPEG-1 file. Then you can easily use your normal CD burning software to burn your VCD.
    While VCD's are on the whole more compatible than DVD and cost less, the trade off is that VCD picture and sound quality are usually inferior to that of DVD. The reason that video and sound quality are in most cases inferior is due to the amount of storage space. If you are looking to record a video file that is larger than 650 -700 MB's, you must first compress it. Compressing it reduces the resolution of the video, usually from a DVD's normal resolution of 720 X 480 to a VCD resolution of 352 X 240. It should be noted that in most cases audio files will play normally and will not experience any loss of quality.

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    Personal experience, nero is a professional DVD Burner tool on burning VCD. Have you choosen the fastest speed, so you can not get the high quality VCD? To get high quality VCD, you must need choose the slow speed.

    BTW, to burn video to DVD, I also do not use Nero, I often use a Video to DVD Burner tool, which can burn DVD quick. May it help you.


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